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Volume 31 | Issue 1 | 2017

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Featured Excerpt

From "Fly Away" (p. 22)

by Matt McGowan

Having modeled the proper technique, Troy stopped petting the bird and looked at my father. He didn’t have to say a word. My dad reached up and repeated the action, calmly caressing the bird’s feathery breast with his knuckles. The hawk seemed indifferent to the touch, but my father was giddy, like a child at Christmas.

When my dad finished stroking the bird, Troy stepped back and motioned again. This time the hawk shuffled sideways, moving closer to Troy’s wrist. Troy waited for a few seconds, until the bird’s claws were secure, and then he dipped his arm and lifted it back up. This upward motion was smooth and controlled. At its peak, when the arm was level with Troy’s head, the hawk released its grip and launched. Its wings flapped two times before it drifted out from them and ascended.

Sucking air into his lungs, my father almost cried. It was like he was standing next to Marlin Perkins on the set of Wild Kingdom, which he never missed.

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