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Volume XXX | Issue 1 | 2016

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Featured Excerpt

From "Faces Turned Away" (p. 17)

by George Looney

The elderly woman reading my skull in this room lit only by candles that smell of a mixture of mango and some vaguely musky perfume is humming a tune that shocks me, it’s so familiar. It’s as if this scam artist is humming the song my mother sang to me those first nights after she and my father brought me home from the hospital, when the only other music I heard was some faint and tinny Ella Fitzgerald on a radio my parents would move from room to room. The seer’s voice reminds me a bit of Ella’s, but Ella’s a visionary. Not like this tired pretender humming the song my mother sang to me. Even this room feels like a lie. How could I have ever imagined she could tell me anything about myself or about the woman who used to touch my head in ways that told me more than this old con artist could ever guess at?

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