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Volume 33 | Issue 1 | 2019

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Featured Excerpt

From "Unsigned Memories" (p. 85)

by Donna Walker-Nixon

Like all harsh moments of family mourning, the funeral happened. Mrs. Joiner had the body moved to Stephenville so Uncle Ray could be buried in the Allard Cemetery, a location where scavenger hunters searched for the next clue to lead them on to solve the puzzle. Mother felt that we were too young to attend a funeral, so we stayed with Bud and Fannie. Still, I persisted in wanting to solve the puzzle of Grace, and finally Mrs. Joiner showed me a photo that she dug out of a Frigidaire deep freeze they used as a storage container. It had become almost like a hope chest with all the remainders she stored where rats, snakes, and other critters would not be able to gnaw away at her loose family memories. The deep freeze had quit working years back and reminded me of a white coffin. It was in the Quonset huts behind our house. She bought them from a man who bought them from the U.S. Navy at the end of World War II.

She balanced her weight while she stood on the wooden step stool her cousin Ben Compton carved when he made a doll’s house for us. I held the stool in place when she climbed to the second step. She held her breath, and I waited, oblivious to the internal agony she must have felt at again having to look at a youthful photograph of the girl who ruined her brother’s life.

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