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Volume XXX | Issue 2 | 2016

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Featured Excerpt

From "How to Build a Playground" (p. 70)

by Mike Smith of Albuquerque

The drive to Crystal made all the windows of Gareth’s truck into movie screens, with every screen showing a triple feature of western after western after western—their settings red-rock cliffs, smithsonite sky, and grass-threaded desert. Pump-jack oil wells, crankshafts turning, swirling, iron beams tilting one way and another, lifting, falling, like a machine’s hallucinations. Ravens coasting on high, distant breezes. An exploited world, a neglected world. An astounding world. Gareth doled out stories as he drove, as usual. About his friends. His camping trips. His drunken misadventures. His tours with The Dead. We talked loudly, over music, and over the diesel engine of Gareth’s big red truck, towing a trailer stacked high with cardboard-wrapped playground components, all strapped down with seatbelt-like straps ratcheted tight.

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