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Volume 35 | Issue 1 | 2021

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Featured Excerpt

From "O Canada" (p. 45)

by Robert Kostuck

Later in another kitchen a rakish gay cake chef ties on her apron, wraps himself around her, repeatedly thumps his tall abdomen somewhere between her breasts and vagina. It’s merely his way of announcing to the wanna-be cooks and decorators: I am top dog in this kitchen. The part of this that makes me sad is her accepting the forced and enforced product placement. How she lets others create the give and take while she only conforms to their expectations. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, male, female, married, unmarried. Constantly swerving, severing and simultaneously forming ties to Edmonton, or this little mismatched town on the silted-up “west coast” of Florida.

Consider breakfast in the house of ill-repute. I’ll make waffles and orange juice for my sparrow, pack a box lunch stir-fry for “later,” laugh about “washing up,” take turns instigating playful bumps on rear ends with empty bread pans or a rubber spatula, (“I should whack your ass.” “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”) rub spatial organic lemons across the tabletop, teach her boyfriends and girlfriends about the effervescent eight-fold Buddhist path, regal fireflies with anecdotes and homophonic double-entendre puns.

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